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Brinn Aluminum Transmission

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• Aluminum case design weighs 52 lbs

• 21-1/2" from bellhousing flange to the end of the tailhousing

• Reverse idler gear and low speed gear are NOT engaged in direct drive, separate low and reverse gears make shifting precise

• Input and output shafts are gundrilled for reduced weight

• Dog clutch design provides the most durability and the smoothest shifting available with dog clutch and detent design eliminating the need for special shifters

• 27 tooth output shaft spline that will accept any length yoke, SAE 10 tooth input shaft spline

• Low gear ratio: 1.88:1, Reverse gear ratio: 2.29:1

• Shafts and gears are cryogenically treated

• Uses approximately 1 quart of fluid, make sure it flows out the fill plug

• Recommended fluid is Brinn RT-1 or 20W-50 non-synthetic motor oil

• Shifter arms included