9" Ford Rear End Housing By Hammond Motorsports

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Rear End Housing


All HMS 9” Ford Rear End Housing are custom built to your specks. All come with new centers, vent, drain and fill plugs. All tubes are checked to make sure you can get a 3.008 bearing over the welds on snout to tube so you do not have to grind on your housing to get suspension components to fit. After welding we then put the housing into a straightener and make sure the runout at wheel studs is within .010 making this a very straight housing.

The housings are available in Howe, GN, W-5, Mini 5 and in Camber Howe, W-5, GN.

Completely made in the USA.

Please fill out the information box to order this part . Need to know what Snout what length hub to hub and off set and questions please call the shop 563 659 1153