Strange Oval 31 Spline Gun-Drilled Axles

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Strange Oval 31 Spline Gun-Drilled Axles


• Strange Oval has specifically identified the axle torque output within the various classes of mid-west dirt modifieds

• Axle diameter choices (in both solid and gun-drilled axles) by calculating the axle torque and considering the tire compound and track conditions in order to best enhance the KERA “Wrap

• Axle” Technology by optimizing the most traction and throttle steer

• Axles are now available in diameters that range from 1.080 to 1.145 ” (thicker diameters available for bigger HP cars).



QC REARS - 60" CENTERED - 30.5" AXLES    NOTE GN Hub GN Hub 2 1/2 bearing Others are different 

9" REARS - 60" CENTERED - 28.5" / 32.5" AXLES  NOTE GN hub 2 1/2 Bearing others are different 


We can get others just this is most popular length