Jerico Dirt 2-Speed Transmission Slip Yoke

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Jerico  Dirt 2-Speed Transmission Slip Yoke

Comes standard with:

* 100% American Made.
* Internal Carbon Fiber Clutches
* Revolutionary Billet 1-piece CNC machined Clutch Drum
* Custom designed 1-piece, 10-spline input with removable dog.
* REM finished internals
* All internal components heat treated to Jerico® specification for strength & durability
* Weight: 42 LBS
* Length: 17 1/2" from face to the tail
* Designed for easy assembly & service
* 2 Lever Shifting System
* Will accept 10" yoke
* ONLY use Jerico® recommended specialty formulated oil -or- Schaeffer's XP Extreme Performance V-Twin Lube Primary Synthetic Plus.